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Oct 14

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 7.08.59 PMKids love cute lunchboxes.  Here’s an easy way to buy something adorable for your child and help other children gain more reliable access to healthy meals.  Buy one of Stephen Joseph’s Lunch Pals and a dollar goes to support the No Kid Hungry Campaign.

Sep 3

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 10.45.37 AMSprout, PBS’s 24-hour preschool channel, continues its tradition of celebrating preschoolers’ acts of kindness with their Kindest Kid Contest! Check out how to applaud the good deeds of your little good deed doers by clicking here!  The five finalists will appear on the TODAY show where the Kindest Kid will be announced.  The Grand Prize winner will receive a trip to Sprout’s headquarters in New York City, a one-day stint as Chief Kindness Officer, and a charitable donation of $5,000 made in his or her name!


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Aug 18

HuggingOne of the best ways to show kindness is to show friendship. I have been so fortunate to have one particular friend in my life for more than 25 years. On the occasion of a milestone birthday she is having, I started reflecting on what makes ours such a strong relationship. Here’s my take on what goes into our kind of one-in-a-million friendship:

  • Showing loyalty. Stand up for friends in social situations, work situations, or community settings.
  • Keeping confidences. Your business with your friend is no one else’s business.
  • Remembering things- typical and not so typical. It is customary to remember birthdays but it also goes a long way to ask how a doctor’s appointment went, remember a child’s sporting event, or a spouse’s project.
  • Laughing with and at each other: If you and your friend have a strong foundation, you will trust each other enough to enjoy each other’s goofs and goofiness.
  • Letting each other know how important the friendship is at random times: Don’t just wait for significant events to say how important your friend is to you. Sending a card on an unexpected Tuesday, for example, carries a lot of meaning!
  • Honoring your differences. What makes you and your friend unique not only serves as inspiration but also provides new perspectives.
  • Dealing with disagreements: Even the best of friends argue. The strength of the friendship is in how you resolve those arguments. Good friends should be able to talk things out with respect and understanding and not let negative feelings fester.
  • Providing encouragement: Great friends help each other takes risks or face difficult situations.
  • Celebrating each other’s successes. Being genuinely happy for each other’s accomplishments not only demonstrates security but generosity.
  • Dropping everything when life takes a rough turn. When a friend truly needs you, everything else should come to a halt.
  • Spending time together. Life gets busy and phone calls and emails are great gap-fillers. But find time to have fun face-to-face.

So to my dear friend, I say thanks for being my biggest cheerleader, defender, confidante, supporter, comforter, truth-teller, and sidekick! Because of you, I am able to pass on the greatest gift to my daughter — how to be a great friend and build great friendships!


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Jun 23

Jun 5

Here’s an incredibly simple way to involve your kids in supporting children who have life-threatening illnesses.  You and your kids can go online and select an encouraging card to brighten another child’s day.   Visit Send Kids the World and read children’s stories, choose from suggested messages, or create your own sentiment.  Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can carry the greatest impact.

YesKidzCan!, 2014

May 8

Calling all dog lovers out there.  How fun is it to take your kids into a pet supply store and pick out a new treat for your pooch?  What if every time you purchase something, you also sponsor a rescue dog in need of a home? If this tugs at your heart strings as much as ours, check out Bartleys for Dogs!  They offer organic, natural, and US-made dog treats along with accessories and even a few gifts for humans. Bartleys brings that canine twist to “buy one give one,” and we are howling our support!

YesKidzCan!, 2014

Apr 30

Take a minute to watch this video about 15-year-old Cassandra who started TGIF — Turn Grease Into Fuel — a business that converts used restaurant grease into heating fuel for homes in need!  An impressive example of youth leadership, community service, and business-minded creativity!

YesKidzCan!, 2014

Mar 19

Read about 10-year-old Vivienne Harr who created her own bottled lemonade to sell and and uses the proceeds to fight child slavery!  You can also learn more by checking out her website, Make A Stand!


YesKidzCan!, 2014

Mar 14

Take the seven minutes to show your kids this short film.  Powerful stuff!



YesKidzCan! 2014



Feb 24


Want to watch a moving social experiment about the kindness of strangers?

See what happened when strangers saw a young boy shivering outside without a coat!

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