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Mar 19

Read about 10-year-old Vivienne Harr who created her own bottled lemonade to sell and and uses the proceeds to fight child slavery!  You can also learn more by checking out her website, Make A Stand!


YesKidzCan!, 2014

Mar 14

Take the seven minutes to show your kids this short film.  Powerful stuff!



YesKidzCan! 2014



Feb 24


Want to watch a moving social experiment about the kindness of strangers?

See what happened when strangers saw a young boy shivering outside without a coat!

Feb 10

Take a minute to read this article about a creative way to involve your kids in selecting what causes your family will support!


YesKidzCan! 2014

Jan 1

Dec 17


During this time of year when extra emphasis is placed on gratitude, let’s take a moment to be grateful for our babysitters and nannies who bring their special gifts to life with children!   Among all of their daily responsibilities, caregivers are particularly well positioned to create fun ways for kids to participate in acts of kindness.  To this point, we are fortunate to feature an article written by Abby Nelson that highlights how your caretaker can encourage their charges to take on the service spirit!  Click here to read the article!



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Nov 7


In my family, it is never too soon to start thinking about holiday gifts.  Buying presents early is a bonus.  But buying presents early that also help those in need is even better.

A gift destination worth checking out is Sacred Jewels. The site offers a unique collection of hand-crafted bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings made with precious and semi-precious gemstones. For every piece of jewelry purchased, Sacred Jewels makes a donation to Save the Children which helps millions of kids worldwide.

It’s one way to add sparkle and the giving spirit to your holiday selections.

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Oct 22

At YesKidzCan!, we like to use the phrase “Have an AOK Day!”.  Translated in our speak, it simply means “Have an Act of Kindness Day.”

This November 13 is World Kindness Day, and we’re calling on everyone to Have an AOK Day!.  World Kindness Day began in 1998 and is a movement of kindness nonprofit organizations in nations worldwide including Canada, Nigeria, Australia, United Arab Emirates to name a few.  Over 9,000 schools worldwide celebrate the day, and kids and adults undertake kindness events such as The Big Hug, handing out kindness cards, Global Flashmobs, concerts, and much more.  World Kindness Day teaches us all that we’re interconnected by the “positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us all.”

Click here for kindness ideas to celebrate World Kindness Day,  and be sure to Have an AOK Day!


Aug 6

Meet Aiyana Ehrman and Michelle Kime – two self-described “accidental entrepreneurs” who started, a company that “partners with vulnerable and marginalized people around the world to make products that, in many cases, give the first fair wages they’ve ever received.  Mothers can send their children to school, daughters can receive basic healthcare, and families can enjoy nutritious food seven days a week.”

We think that offers many classroom and family dinner table conversation opportunities about the way in which this company has chosen to structure and operate its business.  Plus, offers great products that support entrepreneurs around the globe.  Check it out!


Jun 7

June is National Pet Preparedness Month which should matter to the 77.5 million dog owners and 93.6 million cat owners in the United States.  Our pets are truly members of our family, and we need to know how to respond when the unexpected happens.  Particularly in the summer months,  there is a surge in accidents and injuries involving our four-legged friends.  Many times, this is because more pets are outside and active.  While a pet’s exuberant play is a joy to behold, there is also a greater chance for mishaps.

Keep your pets happy and safe all-year round and particularly during these warm weather months by reviewing several important tips from the American Red Cross.  It never hurts to be reminded that we should not leave our animals in a hot car, let them ride in the back of a truck, play on recently fertilized lawns, be around water unsupervised, or go tagless.  While the site provides basic but valuable basic reminders about proper vaccinations, flea and tick prevention and spaying/neutering, it also helps us think through the unexpected such as including your pet in a natural disaster plan and creating a medical emergency kit.

As any pet lover know, being kind and caring extends to the animals in our lives, too.  Wishing you and your pets a happy and safe summer!

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