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Jun 23

Jun 5

Here’s an incredibly simple way to involve your kids in supporting children who have life-threatening illnesses.  You and your kids can go online and select an encouraging card to brighten another child’s day.   Visit Send Kids the World and read children’s stories, choose from suggested messages, or create your own sentiment.  Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can carry the greatest impact.

YesKidzCan!, 2014

May 8

Calling all dog lovers out there.  How fun is it to take your kids into a pet supply store and pick out a new treat for your pooch?  What if every time you purchase something, you also sponsor a rescue dog in need of a home? If this tugs at your heart strings as much as ours, check out Bartleys for Dogs!  They offer organic, natural, and US-made dog treats along with accessories and even a few gifts for humans. Bartleys brings that canine twist to “buy one give one,” and we are howling our support!

YesKidzCan!, 2014

Apr 30

Take a minute to watch this video about 15-year-old Cassandra who started TGIF — Turn Grease Into Fuel — a business that converts used restaurant grease into heating fuel for homes in need!  An impressive example of youth leadership, community service, and business-minded creativity!

YesKidzCan!, 2014

Mar 19

Read about 10-year-old Vivienne Harr who created her own bottled lemonade to sell and and uses the proceeds to fight child slavery!  You can also learn more by checking out her website, Make A Stand!


YesKidzCan!, 2014

Mar 14

Take the seven minutes to show your kids this short film.  Powerful stuff!



YesKidzCan! 2014



Feb 24


Want to watch a moving social experiment about the kindness of strangers?

See what happened when strangers saw a young boy shivering outside without a coat!

Feb 10

Take a minute to read this article about a creative way to involve your kids in selecting what causes your family will support!


YesKidzCan! 2014

Jan 1

Dec 17


During this time of year when extra emphasis is placed on gratitude, let’s take a moment to be grateful for our babysitters and nannies who bring their special gifts to life with children!   Among all of their daily responsibilities, caregivers are particularly well positioned to create fun ways for kids to participate in acts of kindness.  To this point, we are fortunate to feature an article written by Abby Nelson that highlights how your caretaker can encourage their charges to take on the service spirit!  Click here to read the article!



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