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Sep 28

Over the years, we have highlighted the value of certain online games for teaching important messages about taking social action, helping those in need, and learning about the impact of individual contributions to a global community.

Game designers agree. Take Jane McGonigal — a game designer who spoke passionately at TEDGlobal 2012 about the positive impact of online games.  She shared some pretty surprising statistics including:

  • 30 minutes of online game play is correlated with increases in happiness.
  • Online games can help people heal injuries and achieve greater wellness.
  • Online games can help boost physical, mental, emotional, and social resilience.

Whether you believe McGonigal’s points or not, we wholeheartedly agree with one of her final conclusions:  there exist online games that can “inspire people to think like heroes.” If you find this hard to believe, revisit some of the online games we have shared in the past that help teach kids about homelessness, saving endangered species, or feeding a village!

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